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You know that great idea you have? We help you turn inspiration into dreams come true. From products to intellectual property, we formulate detailed plans and deliver successful results.


Do you want to bring your products to American customers? That’s our specialty. We are ready to help you plan, develop, launch and promote your product line. We help all types of companies shine and prosper.

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Need photos, blog posts, news articles, someone to tweet for you? We highlight your products and services. From dynamic messaging and market analysis to social media campaigns, we have you covered!


Are you an Entrepreneur? Let’s share our passions. Together anything is possible. Short term or long term arrangements to suit your needs. We have a successful formula topped with tons of creativity and vision.


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Who are Parker and Mills?

A thorough search of the archives revealed truncated information on either Ms. Parker or Mr. Mills. On the auspicious day when they joined forces, the duo set out with an aimed consciousness to overcome mediocrity, which in their day had become rampant.

Bloomingdale’s Presents “The White Story”

Take a look through a gallery with views of the Lightsticks in the window display at Bloomingdale’s in New York City. Called “The White Story,” the display was featured, coincidentally, at the same time Christo’s “Gates” in Central Park were being displayed.

“Sandy, the Lightsticks look absolutely amazing!” said Harry B. Medina, Window Display Director of Bloomingdale’s.

Harry selected a range of Lightstick colors to accentuate a clothing line in the bank of windows along their flagship’s Third Avenue Manhattan store.

“You can go and see Christo’s industrial orange flags, or you can come and see our glowing multi-colored Way-Light windows,” Harry declared.

Custom Websites and Photography

Beautiful websites with right-sized photos of your workspace and products will boost your notoriety and increase sales. Your customers will remember your brand when you display and share great visuals.

A Dazzling Display of Talent

We bring out the best for your company with enthusiasm and imagination!

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